As you get older and transition out of foster care you will have more expenses and you’ll need to get a job to support yourself. From food service to retail there are a lot of different jobs out there, and each one will help you build new skills and further develop old ones. It’s important to keep an mind about every job being a stepping stone to help you get to your dream job. If your dream is to work in public relations, there’s nothing wrong with working at a coffee shop or car wash. Each job has valuable lessons to be learned like customer service and time management.

As you begin to make choices about your career, you will want to build your resume through different jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. It may seem daunting at first, but we’ll show you where to look and how to network. There are a number of workforce centers and other resources out there.

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Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit

GTJAKI_thumbnail_600x778The Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit is meant to assist youth and their job coaches in the journey toward finding and maintaining a job. You’ll find helpful explanations, worksheets and links throughout the guide. This guide is best used in conjunction with a Google account and a supportive adult mentor that can serve as a Job Coach. Download PDF