What’s a resume (pronounced rez-oo-may)? Your resume is a document you can give to someone who might hire you. It lists your education, achievements, and any jobs you’ve already had. Make it work for you!

  • Send it with your application when you apply online or by email.
  • Take it with you to job fairs and other places where you might meet employers.
  • Have it with you any time you go for an interview.

Make a resume now:

  • Create a document.
  • Include your name, email address, and phone number at the top.
  • List any jobs you’ve had including the date you started that job and the date you left. Be honest.
  • Describe what you did at each job in 3 to 5 bullet points. Use active words that describe what you did at the job and how it helped your employer.
  • List your education, including the name of your school, any special activities or awards you received, and any special training you might have had.

Important! Get a second opinion! Have someone you trust read your resume and point out any spelling errors or mistakes. Spend time perfecting your resume. It tells the story of you!

After you send out your resume and apply for jobs, you’ll probably be asked to come in for an interview. Now what?! Check out the full Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit below.

Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit

GTJAKI_thumbnail_600x778The Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit is meant to assist youth and their job coaches in the journey toward finding and maintaining a job. You’ll find helpful explanations, worksheets and links throughout the guide. This guide is best used in conjunction with a supportive adult mentor that can serve as a job coach. Download PDF