Did you ever:

  • Transfer schools mid-semester and not get credits for the classes you took at your old school?
  • Take the same class more than once, even though you already passed the class?
  • Transfer schools mid-semester and get put in different classes than those you were taking at your old school?

As a student in foster care, you:

  • Must receive partial credits when you transfer schools mid-semester for all work you completed at your last school.
  • Cannot be forced to retake parts of a class you already completed, if it would push you off track for high school graduation.
  • Must be enrolled in the same or similar courses as those you were in at your last school.

Partial credit checklist

To stay on track for high school graduation when you transfer schools the following must happen:

Before you leave your old school:
  • Your social worker or education rights holders must complete all disenrollment documents and give it to your school counselor.
  •  Each of your teachers must provide your school registrar or counselor with a “check out” grade that is based on all the work you completed in the class before you transferred.
  • For each class that you passed, your school registrar or counselor must calculate the number of partial credits you earned. This will be based on the number of days you attended school.
  • Your school must put your check out grades and partial credits onto an official transcript and send it to your new school.
When you get to your new school:
  • Your new school registrar or counselor must request all records from your old school, including an official transcript with all check out grades and partial credits.
  • Your school registrar or counselor must accept the credits and grades you earned at other schools and apply them to classes required for high school graduation, not just elective courses.
  • Your school counselor must immediately enroll you in the same or similar classes that you were enrolled in at your old school.

If you believe that you were not given partial credits that you have earned, work with your social worker or education rights holder to contact your old schools to request partial credits. For more detail about your education rights download this flyer.

The Alliance for Children’s Rights can help you. Email youth@kids-alliance.org or call 213.368.6010 to get started.