Finding a job is one of the most important things you’ll do as an adult. Getting some work experience now, even in a part-time job or internship, will get you on your way.

You might want to look for a job coach who can help you. The Alliance for Children’s Rights offers job coaching: email or call 213.368.6010.

Where do I look ?

Start with youth employment programs and job fairs in your city for people between 16 to 24 years old. Many programs have special options for young adults who have been in foster care. These programs offer training, paid internships, and jobs. In Los Angeles, the Opportunity Youth Collaborative puts out a weekly email with jobs and job fairs for former foster youth. Ask to be added to their list by sending an email to

If you are over 24 years old, WorkSource/America’s Jobs Centers can provide training and job placement. Many of the centers also have personalized job counseling. To find a WorkSource near you, go to Work Source California or call 888.226.6300.

Do I need a work permit?

Maybe. If you are under 18 and haven’t graduated from high school, then you need a work permit from your school to get a job. If you have already graduated high school, passed the GED, or are older than 18, you do not have to get a work permit.

When school is not in session, say during the summer, you can go to a YouthSource center to get a work permit. If you have more questions about how to get a work permit, contact your counselor at school or visit the CDE website.

What should I do before I apply for a job?

Most employers will either ask you to fill out an application or provide a resume (pronounced rez-oo-may). A resume is usually a one-page document that lists your skills, work experience and education. Don’t have one yet? Let’s get started! We’ll show you how to make one here.

Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit

GTJAKI_thumbnail_600x778Our Toolkit is meant to help you find and keep a job. This guide is best used along with a supportive adult mentor that can serve as a job coach. Don’t have a job coach? The Alliance offers job coaches for all former foster youth in greater Los Angeles. Send an email to or call 213.368.6010. to get started.