A law called AB12 allows you to stay in the foster care system up until your 21st birthday as long as you meet certain requirements. If you are under Probation and in a foster care placement you may also be able to remain in foster care.

To stay in foster care, you need to be doing at least ONE of these things:

  • Completing high school or equivalent program (GED); or
  • Attending college, community college or a vocational education program; or
  • Working at least 80 hours a month; or
  • Participating in a program to promote or remove barriers to employment; or
  • Unable to do one of the above requirements because of a medical condition
  • If you stay in foster care after 18, you are called a “non-minor dependent.” You must sign an agreement to reside in an eligible placement and agree to work with your social worker on a Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP). You will meet with a social worker or probation officer every six months.

    Remaining in foster care after age 18 years is voluntary. You can decide to exit foster care any time after you turn 18. You can also change your mind and return to foster care at any time before age 21.