In California, if you were in foster care on your 18th birthday, you have the right to stay in foster care until 21. Even if you leave foster care, you have the right to re-enter at any time up to age 21. The decision to re-enter foster care can be a tough one. Especially if you had a negative experience in foster care, you may wonder if extended foster care is really for you.

That is where our peer advocates come in. The Children’s Law Center has a program that can match you with a peer who has been in foster care too. Your peer advocate can help you figure out how extended foster care to age 21 works, and whether it will work for you. Visit or email

Peer advocates help with:

  • answering your questions about extended foster care (AB 12)
  • advocating for you in court
  • re-entering foster care (filling out forms, going to court)
  • information about housing (THP+FC & SILPs)
  • supporting you at case meetings and conferences
  • education (high school completion, college, vocational training)
  • finding employment and job training
  • getting connected to help with birth control and reproductive health
  • finding connections that can help you get on your feet as an adult

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